As a historical company and a major player in the Algerian Snack market, SPA SNAX has managed to develop its activities and build its success by valuing the human dimension which shows daily motivation, involvement and unfailing commitment to carry out the various growth and development projects initiated by the Board of Directors.

Our company’s human resources policy is therefore based on valuing employees and motivating them in order to guarantee a win-win relationship. This policy is articulated around several axes which allow us to pull the company upwards through a spirit of excellence in each employee.

Among these axes:

Promotion and internal mobility allowing employees to benefit from career development opportunities by accessing progressive positions according to their profiles;
A fair salary policy adapted to the different categories of employees;

A non-negligible social dimension consisting of the company’s support for underprivileged employees and their families by granting them various types of social aid and assistance during the administrative procedures regarding insurance, occupational health, employment agencies and for young people integration into the professional world;

Our company also pays special attention to people with reduced mobility or suffering from deficiencies for which the company has integration programs agreed with organizations in charge of this category of employees;

A search for Excellence…

In order to develop the knowledge and operational skills of its employees, our company has a short training program adapted to the needs of each function and allowing employees to retrain and update their knowledge in relation to the latest advances in industrial processes such as:

– Production (manufacturing, flavoring, packaging, transfer),
– Maintenance and Quality Management
– but also Sales and Negotiation Techniques for the Sales Force.
UA safe and healthy work environment…

Finally, our company provides its employees with the best possible working conditions with a policy of prevention and limitation of the risks of illnesses and accidents at work through strict procedures and the provision of adequate work clothes and equipment.


When it began operations in 2001, SPA SNAX’s workforce was less than 30 employees. Year after year as its business grew, its workforce has grown exponentially to reach today 390 employees.

This evolution took place in a qualitative way with the recruitment of the best skills in various fields of activity but also through an employee’s training plan which enabled many of them to evolve towards responsibility functions within the company and hence to participate actively in daily life challenges.

This HR policy allows the company to have a high rate of stability in terms of staff numbers.

In order to guarantee a permanent development, the company has established agreements with specialized state-approved organizations.

Joining the SPA SNAX is to be part of a dynamic and ambitious company, which has developed rapidly and which plans to grow even more in the future, through new projects and growth drivers that are as ambitious as ever.

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